Safety First

Bites and scratches represent over 60% of injuries that take place in a veterinary practice.

The CVMA/VISC Insurance Program now includes free training videos that address bite and scratch injuries.

We hope you will take advantage of this offer to help reduce injuries and promote a healthy workplace for all staff.

Other Products

Animal Care Technologies (ACT) Online Staff Training provides a comprehensive online library of high quality, industry-standard staff training videos to the animal healthcare industry.  Authored by experts and formatted to fit the time constraints of the busiest facilities, ACT Online Staff Training is well-received by support staff and highly effective at increasing competence and proficiency.  Organizations utilizing ACT appreciate the reduced liability, risk, and on-the-job injuries related to under-trained employees.  Training supervisors will greatly appreciate ACT’s built-in Learning Management System (LMS) that automates the assignment, accountability, and assessment of a formalized training program.  ACT Online Staff Training offers turn-key training courses, unlimited customization, certificates of completion, RACE-approved continuing education, and numerous State Veterinary Medical Associations’ industry certification programs (CVA), all built upon ACT’s training video libraries.